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To all females out there ( over the age of 18), feel free to drop your own picture of your worn, stained panties, knickers for the delight of all this fetish lovers out there and...
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"my shaved pussy"

Thank you ever so much Anon. Your shaved pussy I bet it is most delicious in one’s tongue by tasting all the cream your female folds are hiding.

Please feel free to submitt more and more.

"This is my wife’s pantie that she leaves out for me to smell if I’m not home when she’s up. Enjoy R****"

- I can bet the number of followers here wanting to taste that tasty stained white  spot is no lower than 100%. I would be the very first on the Q.

- Thanks R****, your contrubuition is highly appreciated. We would be most happy if you could be a regular contributor to Wornpanties.

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A real man, eats pussy 365 times a year! You must taste all the flavors available… :P


Delicious lickable-pussy!


Really soaked! Looks so delicious that pussy! MMM!


I love it when Cristina gets her pussy soaking wet after hours of foreplay and teasing. Delicious.

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Great pic from bragasucia (diary of daily crisis)


love the sticky discharge, looks yummy!


love the sticky discharge, looks yummy!

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